Advanced File Lock

Advanced File Lock 7.1

Hides and locks files
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Protects sensitive files and folders on your PC by locking them with a password and hiding them. Works with any type of file and displays previews of the items that you're hiding.

Everybody someday has a sensitive document to protect, for example, confidential documents for work, video of a secret prototype, or credentials. There is no native Windows way to protect such files and you can wonder how to make sure that your sensitive documents won't be leaked. Blue Lakes Technology brings you a solution to protect secret documents and it's called Advanced File Lock. This software allows you to hide, lock, and unlock any file or folder: you can this way lock a whole folder in a few clicks, and unlock it later when you need it with the password you typed. Advanced File Lock is integrated with Windows: it means you can right click on any file or folder to lock or unlock it. If you need to use the files on a computer that doesn't have this software installed, you can create a standalone executable that extracts the encrypted files and folders with no need for the software to do that. The program also includes an option allowing you to safely delete files and folders: it can apply overwrite passes on the selected files making you sure nobody will be able to recover it using specialized software or getting the help of a specialized company. But be aware that if you forget the password, you won't be able to recover your files!
Bottom-line: great software but you can forget the password and this way make your protected files unusable.

John Static
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  • Easy to use
  • Can either lock or hide
  • Supports passwords
  • Can create a standalone executable holding you encrypted files


  • Loss of the files if you forget the password
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